Me after Me After You

It’s mid-November and my memoir ME AFTER YOU is published, reviewed and gathering dust on bookshelves across the country.

I now find myself shuffling awkwardly on my cheap leatherette office chair doing anything but knuckle down to my next book. (I’m grappling with a structural issue which is so complex that I am regularly forced to abandon it in order to go out and spend money I haven’t got on items I don’t need.)

There is a distinct sense of deflation after finishing any piece of writing, especially one as gruelling and emotionally challenging as ME AFTER YOU. It has been part of my everyday life for so long, now that it is gone I am bereft. I look for it in bookshops, and find it, nestling in a mind-boggling miscellany of sections, from self-help to biography and beyond. I gaze upon it lovingly, sometimes plucking it from the shelf and stroking its beautiful, peaceful cover (the one we tussled over, my publisher and I, because it seemed so at odds with the chaos depicted within.)

Realigning and disciplining the writerly mind feels now to be a Sisyphean task, so I’m blogging about it in an attempt to clear the log-jam. And then I’m off to the shops.

6 thoughts on “Me after Me After You

  1. Wow. I am so happy that I came across your blog. Your story kind of hits home with me. Although, we need not discuss my story. Congratulations on your book, however I am deeply sorry that it had to be written. You must be such a strong soul. I will be reading your book as well as following your blog. Good luck on your continued journey.

  2. Hey, it’s Will….I read your book and commented on how much it resonated with me and you kindly took time to reply. If you need inspiration for your next journey, (and it sounds like you might) look no further than I am back here, looking for news that you ARE creating (when not shopping) another wonderful couple of pages I will hold one day. So..good luck Lucy Brownlee and be sure of this. You will continue to experience a surge of tears when you least expect it to happen. This will happen for many years to come. That love may never feel the same again but it might do. That you will be able to talk about him with less visible pain and your intolerance of this loss will subside but never disappear, Lastly, if your next book is rubbish, I’ll be asking for me money back, so bloody get on with it and make sure it makes me cry and laugh!. Sent with love and best wishes x

    • *grins* Hi there Will, lovely to hear from you again! Now a warning – the next book isn’t about bereavement, or grief, or sudden death of beloved spouses, but I hope you’ll read it anyway! And your message has worked, I’m about to get down and dirty with the keyboard RIGHT NOW! Thank you! (Hope you are doing OK?) xx

      • Oh what a shame, I only read books about death ( you know I’m joking right? ). Well, it’s the way you write that I connect with, so don’t go a fretting that its not full of corpses. Good luck and yes thanks, I’m doing ok, I hope you all are tooX

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