Articles, Short Stories, and Commissions

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It’s not so grim up North, as it ‘appens.

I am available for writing commissions, opinion pieces, essays, and articles. Here is a sample of some of my commissioned work:

  • The unexpected joy of delivering creative writing workshops in a women’s prison as part of Durham Book Festival: Writing From The Inside
  • On grief, bereavement, and the Queen in the I-newspaper.
  • Writing stories about women from across the East Durham coalfield for Durham Book Festival 2018: The World Above
  • In the Sunday Telegraph, writing a response to Sheryl Sandberg’s essay on grief.
  • In the Independent on Sunday writing about young widowhood and Hurricane Jude!
  • Shortlisted for Guardian Short Story Prize in 2010 with T-Shirt Weather. (Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.)
  • Shortlisted for GQ / Soho House ‘City Stories’ Competition in 2012 with Late Night Final; investigative reporting how it used to be done, as told to me by my Grandpa…
  • A short story about a short excursion on the Norfolk Broads : the-boat-trip

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