Life After You

LIFE AFTER YOU is a Sunday Times bestseller and one of Richard and Judy’s Autumn Book Club picks for 2015 – the only non-fiction title on the list. It was voted as the overall Autumn Bookclub Reader’s Choice title. Read more and hear the podcast interview with Richard and Judy here.

Reviews for Life After You:

“[LIFE AFTER YOU] is raw, riveting and beautifully written…much recommended.” – BBC’s Andrew Marr.

“The story brims with charm, courage and wit…at times hysterical; heartbreaking at others, this is a wonderful book that has you cheering on its very likeable, funny and talented heroine as she moves from despair to a kind of hope.” (Deidre O’Brien, Sunday Mirror Book Club Choice)

“Lucie’s memoir, which started life as a very personal blog, is a raw howl of disbelief at the speed with which a baby-making quickie could turn to life-shattering tragedy. Life After You is, despite everything, a story of survival and, cautiously, recovery… A wrenchingly funny read.” (Jane Shilling, Daily Mail)

My memoir, LIFE AFTER YOU, is published by Virgin Books.

Based on my award-winning blog Wife After Death, Life After You charts the tumultuous two years following the sudden death of my husband, aged 37. You can order it here or buy at all good bookshops, with extra content available at WHSmith.

Read about Life After You in The Bookseller here.

Read an extract in the Mail on Sunday  here

THE SCULPTRESS is my first novel, based on the life of the American sculptress Mary Callery. It will be published in August 2017 as part of a doctoral research thesis in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Newcastle.

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  1. Hi Lucy my name is Catherine and i met you when B and Josh went to Rillington Pre- School,been reading your story you are amazing i am ordering your book.Kind Regards Catherine.

    • How could I forget you Catherine, we never did get round to doing the park together with Josh and B, thanks so much for commenting and for the support with the book. Hopefully it will give you some insight into what happens after you left me standing shell shocked on the step that morning! Much love to you and all the old friends in Rillington. Xx

  2. Hello Lucy, my name is Charlotte. I picked up your book today and was lost in it. My husband died suddenly two years ago (he was 42, I was 35) and reading about your experiences has been amazing for me. So many similar thoughts and feelings expressed. I just wanted to tell you that your book (I’m half way though now) has really touched me, in every way. Thank you. x

    • It is so gratifying to read this Charlotte, thank you so much. I’m so sorry for your loss, but it’s very strengthening to know we are not alone in this. I hope you find comfort in the rest of the book, and thanks again for taking the time to comment. XX

  3. Have just finished reading your book Lucie, I found it very carthatic being a mum of a widowed daughter I could relate so much to it from a mums perspective, thank you for sharing your grief in such a beautiful way, love to you and your lovely daughter . Lynn

  4. Your book arrived today (I did tell you on twitter!!) and I’m going to get stuck in tonight.
    My world turned upside down 5 years ago… and I think we can all resonate with each other.
    Thank you for putting it all into words xx

  5. Thank you Lucie for your book. I lost my husband shortly after I had been diagnosed with an incurable critical illness myself. I grasped at anything that I could relate to and your book helped me limp along the way. I am recommending it to my group of Amyloid sufferers, some of whom have lost their partners.
    Thanks you

    • Lesley – thank you so much for this comment, I’m so sorry it has taken so long to reply, for some reason it went into my spam folder and I’ve only just found it. So sorry to hear about your husband. I am so pleased the book helped in some way – it helps to know you’re not alone I think. Huge hugs to you. X

  6. Just finished Life After You
    What an amazing book I’ve lost my husband of 24 yrs (married 5 this year) of them I’m 52 he was 62 cancer 😥 sudden after 12 wks of being told and so many of your ups and downs I recognise but safely no children 😥 love him soooo much 💔💔

    • Hi Liz – thanks so much for reading and commenting, I’m so pleased that the book resonated with you, although so sorry to hear why it did 😦 The love never fades, the void never fills, but somehow it does get easier. Sending love to you. x

  7. Hi Lucie,

    Just finished reading your book and I felt compelled to write to you.

    I picked up your book in W H Smith, Gatwick. My partner was rushing me to our boarding gate, I liked the cover so thought that will do, I didn’t realise what excatly the book was about or how much it would touch me.

    I have never lost someone that close to me and found your words heartrenching but as I I came to the end I also felt warm and hopeful.

    I wish you and B all the best for the future.

    Thanks for making me cry, smile and have more thought for others.

    Taryn x

  8. Hi lucie, I’ve just cum across ur book, I lost my brother to sad 2 yes ago n I’m struggling to cope with my loss, my perents grief n everything that u no goes with it all, I’ve opened ur book 100 times but scared to read, I no I will in time, thank you for giving me sum1 to relate to even tho I’ve not read it, I will n will let u no wen Iv got the strength to do so , take care of urself and ur family , much love Wendy akers Shaw

    • Hi Wendy – gosh Im so sorry to hear about your brother and about your struggles with grief and that of your parents. Sudden death is incredibly hard to come to terms with – I dont think you ever do really. You somehow find a way to forge forward. I hope you muster the courage to read the book;it won’t provide any solutions, but it might help you to normalise some of what you are feeling. Sending warmest wishes to you and your family. Lucie xx

  9. Hello Lucie,
    I have just finished your book which my husband bought for me as he thought I would enjoy. I did not actually realise until the end that I was your own story. Thank you for sharing it.. Made me think a lot on how I take things for granted. I love the way you wrote, really could feel the emotions… What a powerful book. Thank you xx

    • Hello Anne-Sophie, thank you so much for this comment (and to your husband for buying you the book!) it’s so gratifying to know the book touched you; writing it was indeed a labour of love. Love Lucie x

  10. I just finished your book which I grabbed in haste for my holiday read , not realising it was your true story … I’m coming out of a grief cycle which has lasted over a year since my partner left me after 4 years which was devastating. It’s a different death but grief is grief – the harsh price of love. I’m so sorry for your experience but I found great comfort in your words as I can relate to every sentence. Thank you for being so brave to be so honest x

    • Hi Rae! Thanks so much for reading and for taking time to comment. I’m pleased you have related to the book, and that you have found some comfort in it. You are not alone! Much love to you xx

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  12. I am an avid reader, but have never felt moved to contact an author before. I have just finished ‘life after you’ and I genuinely believe it is the best book I have ever read. You have such a talent and I am certain your book will support others trying to survive loss. My boyfriend lost his father to the same condition, and I feel your book has helped me understand how he feels better. Thank you for sharing your brave and honest story: Mark sounds like an amazing man x

    • Hi Kimberley – wow, what a lovely comment to start the new year. Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out. I’m so please you liked the book and it has helped in some way. Love and best wishes,Lucie. p.s. He was! XX

  13. It is a real triumph, as you manage to make the reader laugh and cry (unfortunately I was on an extended train journey at the time and must have seemed to be a crazy woman) as well as tell a love story, and a story of survival and hope. Best of luck with the future and I look forward to reading your new book! X

  14. Hi lucie, I came across your book in wh smiths while i was looking for a self help book in coping with grief. Your story has really touched me and I’m finding it a big comfort while working through my own grief. I love your honesty. I’m also a newcastle girl!!

    • Hey Geordie lass! Thamks so much for the message and for reaching out. I’m so pleased the book is making some sense to you as you work through your own loss. Thakns for getting in touch and very best wishes to you. Lucie x

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