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Beloved Mark


On 11th February 2012, my beloved husband and soul mate Mark dropped dead, suddenly, aged 37.

Despite the fact that I have always written, I was unable to commit a single coherent line to paper in the year following His death. In April 2013, on the advice of a counsellor, I started writing a blog – Wife After Death – as a way of releasing some of the heartbreak, and in the hope that I might find kindred spirits out in the ether.

The blog went on to win a national award, as well as bringing a raft of inspiring and supportive individuals into my life, many of whom were going through the same shared hell of losing a spouse.

My memoir, Me After You, has developed from the blog and will be published in July this year.

You can read Wife After Death here.

2 thoughts on “Wife After Death

  1. Hi Lucie,
    I’m a newly bereaved wife who lost her husband to sudden death, aged 34.
    A writer and translator myself, I am facing the same you expressed these days, I cannot write any more or do my work properly as before since his passing, 8 months ago.
    I have been struggling to distract my mind and heart from the aftermath of the unfortunate event, especially that I am left with a one-year old daughter.
    Seeking to find ways for healing and devoting some positive energy to my young baby girl, I was looking for ways to heal, or learn how to, I came across your book Life After You, and I would relate to every single word you have put down in that memoir.
    I still can’t read past the first dozens of pages because I would end up crying my heart out.
    I was delighted to find out about this blog of yours. I am desperate enough that I want to know am I going to be able to bring happiness to my enfant’s life again? Is it normal that I lost interest in life after my beloved husband’s parting with me? I would love to hear from you and if it is okay, share with me any kind words. I know I could seek counsellors and therapists, but no one can understand this pain and what we go through as bereaved wives like us, like those who experienced it in fact.
    I hope I am not bothering you by this message.
    Thank you!

    • HI Hebz, Firstly, so sorry for the delayed reply, I don’t check in here very often so have only just seen your message. I am am so sad to hear your news, and very much appreciate your kind words about the book and blog. I am pleased they are helping you in some small way. Eight months is a very short time – I am not surprised you feel that everything is too much and that you are not coping. I want to try and reassure you that life will get easier – and that you absolutely will bring happiness into your child’s life. The road is a long one, and it never ends – I am at seven years and have been experiencing acute grief again these last few days – but the intensity is less and I now know how to deal with it. You have more strength than you know and you WILL get through this. But the pain is real, and you need to feel it, unfortunately, in order to rebuild.
      Sending you all my love and solidarity
      Lucie x

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