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Beloved Mark

On 11th February 2012, my beloved husband and soul mate Mark dropped dead, suddenly, aged 37.

Despite the fact that I have always written, I was unable to commit a single coherent line to paper in the year following His death. In April 2013, on the advice of a counsellor, I started writing a blog – Wife After Death – as a way of releasing some of the heartbreak, and in the hope that I might find kindred spirits out in the ether.

The blog went on to win a national award, as well as bringing a raft of inspiring and supportive individuals into my life, many of whom were going through the same shared hell of losing a spouse.

My memoir, Life After You, has developed from the blog and is published by Penguin Random House.

You can read Wife After Death here.

3 thoughts on “Wife After Death

  1. What a fantastic book.. I just had to send you an email to say THANKYOU. I lost my husband suddenly last year and life just isn’t the same for me anymore 😢Reading your book .. well it resignated with me. My husband is sat on the floating shelf in my living room and I don’t care what anyone thinks.. that’s where he’s staying. I suffer badly with anxiety and depression and having him there helps. Ok I’m 52 and I have 2 grown up children but grief is grief and it painful. At points while reading your book it could of been my story … I hope that you have found that 2 nd chance of happiness… 💕For me .. I don’t know what the future holds.. at the minute I’m too scared to even think about it. THANKYOU for writing such a moving book. 😊

  2. Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for reaching out and messaging, I appreciate it very much. I’m so pleased it resonated with you and hopefully offered some comfort in what is such a painful time. Thinking of you and sending strength. X

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